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Daniel H. of Riverview, MI Reviews Rightway of Ypsilanti

Melissa Hubbard…..GREAT sales person who went out of her way to get myself and a friend a GREAT car! I highly recommend her in the future for anyone!

Jessica V. of Galesburg, MI Reviews RIghtway of Kalamazoo

I’ve had my car for a few days now, my Rightway experience was awesome. Ryan made the process easy. I did not expect to leave the same day with a car but a few hours later I was driving off the lot with an amazing car! Ryan did everything he could to find me a car that fit my life and he did an awesome job! thank you so much Rightway!

Larry S. of White Lake, MI Reviews Rightway of Waterford

I would like to thank Jackie for helping getting the right vehicle for the right price! The showroom was busy with other customers however they kept assuring me that it would be a few moments….they called me by name “just a few more minutes Larry”…Although this was my first time there I was treated like a friend! A great experience plus I drove home in a Chevy Venture.

Jackie was awesome. I would buy my next car from her without hesitation!

Special thanks to Manager Mike for making me feel at home!!!

Thanks again Jackie!!!!

Yvette M. of Chicago, IL Reviews Rightway of Midlothian

I went to Right Way auto on today, and my credit situation is just bad. Tony and Taneeshia worked FOR HOURS TRYING TO GET ME APPROVED. Well they made all those hours count because I went in wishing I could not only drive out, but drive out in a Kia. THEY MADE IT HAPPEN FOR ME. I AM SO HAPPY WITH THE EFFORT THAT BOTH OF THEM PUT IN SO I CAN HAVE A SECOND CHANCE AT REBUILDING MY CREDIT. THANKS GUYS YOU BOTH ARE THE BEST.

Shai H. of Kingsely, MI Reviews Rightway of Traverse City

I could not be more satisfied with the customer service I received from Traverse City Right Way automotive. From the time I entered the lot I felt comfortable. Chris Pion greeted me with a warm smile and a very laid back no pressure kind of sales man approach. He explained the “Right Way” style of helping a customer. We continued our discussion and we found the right vehicle for me. The finance guy Roby was amazing, he was very helpful and kind and concerned with making the deal right for his customer. Highly satisfied and will recommend/send all my friends and family to them with rave reviews. God Bless great team :-)

Kathy A. of Traverse City Reveiws Rightway of Traverse City

It was truly a pleasure doing business with these guys. The were friendly, thorough and fair on the trade in value of my car. When I told them the payment I was looking for and the vehicle I wanted they worked diligently to make it happen! I highly recommend them. I was fortunate enough to work with Craig, John and Roby and will do business again! Well done!

Catherine B. of Dolton, IL Reviews Rightway of Midlothian

I was in a car accident. My car was totaled. I had full coverage but my insurance only paid book Value. I was left with a huge balance. A friend recommended Right Way of Midlothian Illinois. I called and Spoke to Mr. Tony Crockett. I explained my situation. He told me to come in and he will see how he can help me. The team along with Mr. Crockett went out of their way to secured me a loan that paid off for the old car and I got a fantastic car with a car note that I can afford. Thank you Right Way of Midlothian especially Mr. Crockett.

Darwin G. of Saranac, MI Reveiws Rightway of Comstock Park

Nick Walters did a great job on getting us the car we wanted and the experience was great. We were approved real quick weren’t there for hours. We drove our car home in no time at all and the car is a great car.

Eric and Vickie H. of Twin Lake, MI Review Rightway of Comstock Park

Our 98 Buick just stopped in the middle of the street due to bad fuel pump. Due to supercharger it cost $800 to fix. So while I was sitting there waiting for my car to get fixed I googled cars for bad credit. My Husband Eric went through a divorce that ravaged his credit under 530 and he had knee surgery earlier in the year so I thought there was no way we could ever buy a car. Especially since we tried back in January and was turned down by Batten Chevrolet. Eric also had a vehicle repo last summer. Any way I came across Right ways web page. I read the information and then applied for pre-approval. We received a phone call that we were preapproved. I was stunned and Eric thought yah well the interest rate would cost us an arm, leg, teeth etc and all for an old piece of junk car.

Well Right way sent a porter to pick us up because our ride was up on the dolly being fixed. It didn’t matter that we lived an hour and a half away. We spent almost an hour with Nick Walters when we got there doing paperwork for a car we loved from the test drive. With no $ out of our pocket and payments we can truly afford and better than we dreamed of, and an interest rate we can still believe we drove home in a 2013 Chevy impala, fire engine red, loaded four door with leather heat seats and only 24,000 miles just feeling like we won a million bucks. They even put half a tank of gas in the car for us. The car is still under warranty and we also get free oil changes.

This was the best purchase of our life. Its really unbelievable and Eric and I are still waiting for the catch but there isn’t one. We even have 6 weeks before our first payment is due and we have a real chance to repair our credit with on time payments. Eric is so happy with his new car and I am thrilled as well. Thank you Right way and especially Nick Walters. You went above and beyond for us and it has boosted Eric\’s desire to work even harder to turn his credit profile around. You who are reading this…seriously don’t delay. Go call and then go see Nick today!

Antelene F. of Three Rivers, MI Reviews Rightway of Kalamazoo

I came in on a Saturday morning. I prayed before i got to Right Way…I wasn’t leaving without a car. Ryan greeted me and my son and father at the door. I glanced a few cars and I was waiting for him to tell me I wasn’t approved. But instead he came around the corner with a Malibu and said test this out. If u like it its yours….I loved and Ryan got the deal done less than 2hrs! Thanks Ryan