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Trisha J. of Akron, OH Reviews Rightway of Akron

I will recommend Rightway Auto to everyone I know. Travis the sales mgr was a great help when I had an issue with my warranty company extending my rental due to a major repair my car needed. Travis called the rental car company and extended the rental at no charge to me. He has gone the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied and not without a vehicle while my car is being repaired.

Jennifer O. of Lincoln Park, MI Reviews Rightway of Taylor

Adam Wegard was awesome, personable, and professional. Very easy guy to do business with. Thank you!

Gerald P. of East Cleveland, OH Reviews Rightway of Cleveland

Respect and credibility. I found it at Rightway. Other locations told me they would help, but lied to me. However, Robert care for what I could do today, I did it on my own without having to involve other people. IF I came to Rightway first I would have been driving days ago.

I stand by Robert and Rightway.

Samantha L. of Chesterfield, MI Reviews Rightway of Clinton Twp.

Today I drove off in my second car from RightWay those guys were great to me they really helped me out. My sales consultant Jason Grose ROCKED!!!!! He really did everything in his power to make sure I had a car that suited my requests !!! They really got me outta a big Jam this time and I was very happy with all the guys over there thanks again!!!!

Jason Grose you ROCK!!!!! Thanks for all your help today, keep up the great customer service!!!!!!

Sean B. of Columbia Station, OH Reviews Rightway of Akron

At first it was a rocky start and we thought we would be blown off.. After a few days Bryce Cox took very good care of Us and he needed a lot of paper work but in the end he worked his butt off to get us in a car very impressed will be back when it time to get a new one.

Melody M. of Kalamazoo, MI Reviews Rigthway of Kalamazoo

Ryan was a big help to me and my family we worked together for 2 weeks and got a GREAT car! Ryan jumped through a lot of hoops getting me insurance and everything. Tom the manager got me coffee and has a nice smile. Thank you Ryan Horton YOU ROCK!

Maggie B. of Cedar, MI Reviews Rightway of Traverse City

Chris Pion gave phenomenal customer service.

Brittany W. of Novi, MI Reviews Rightway of Waterford

I never dreamed of driving a new car! MICHAEL HUMPHREY is the guy to see!! He did everything in his power to get me what I was looking for and he went above and beyond! Best experience! I will definitely be back and I recommend all my family and friends! Remember MICHAEL HUMPHREY IS YOUR GUY!

Robert C. of Erie, PA Reviews Rightway of Cleveland

I will say this about this location , they are great . I have been shopping around for a car for a bit . Robert and his gang made us feel like people first . Our credit was not perfect , they did not care . Although we have to get a few other things done before we can get into a car , I will definitely driving the 2 plus hours to get a car from Robert . They actually listened to us about what we needed and wanted . Those other standard dealers are do not care . Rightway does .

Cierra W. of Detroit, MI Reviews Rightway of Livonia

Kimmie Bynum is the BOMB! She sent The Transporter ( yes like the movie ) to get me from the bus stop an hour b4 they closed. With his superior driving skills and her awesome sauce I left in a clean new car. Five Stars!!!